Joe Rogan Is Called Today’s Larry King By Bill Maher

Joe Rogan, a popular podcast host, has been called “the Larry King of his generation” by Bill Maher.

The quip was made on the Sunday episode of Club Random with Bill Maher, in which Maher and fellow comic Kathy Griffin sat down to chat. During their chat, Larry King came up as a topic of discussion.

Griffin said you can’t find a talk show like Larry King on the air anymore. Griffin went on to say that she believed Anderson Cooper should have gotten that hour. Cooper was Griffin’s New Year’s Eve coverage co-host.

Maher said every generation has its version of Larry King. He wouldn’t say that Joe Rogan is like Larry King in style, they have their differences, and Rogan’s potential audience is enormous.

According to Griffin, King would occasionally throw softballs at his guests.

Maher said Rogan is not looking for a fight, but that doesn’t mean it will be a softball interview. He also noted that Rogan will interview people that the establishment says, ‘How dare you let that person speak.'”

When Griffin questioned why Rogan wouldn’t be deemed “establishment,” Maher pointed out that Rogan had credentials and an open mind when having guests on his show.

Maher said Rogan tries something similar to what Larry King did with the microphone. The most prominent people in the world, including Elon Musk, will watch the show because they know how widespread it is. 

He said Rogan deserves it, too.

Maher said it’s as if he’s simply an ordinary person who happens to be smarter than the average bear but won’t be put off by being told, “Don’t platform this guy” or “Don’t listen to this.” He will listen to everyone and, more often than not, offer his common sense perspective. 

“You know, he’s a little to the right of where I am on things,” Maher noted of their political differences.