Jon Taffer Says Democrat Policies Could Hit Restaurant Industry Hard

Executive producer and host of the Paramount Network TV show Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer, has alerted the Democrats that Biden’s inflationary policies are ruining the restaurant business.

According to Taffer, in Democratic states like California, raising wages at a time of high inflation will cause dining establishments and retail establishments to begin shuttering their doors.

He told Brian Kilmeade, anchor of Fox & Friends, that what we are living through now is a consequence of policies that have caused these inflationary and payroll impacts. Therefore, when casting votes, one should consider policies and how they affect both our country and our local communities. He added that a great many towns will be devastated by these policies.

Inflation is forcing the closure of almost 3,000 retail locations nationwide, a 24% rise in closures from 2023. This includes 315 CVS locations, 620 Family Dollar stores, and 272 7-Eleven outlets.

Arby’s Roast Beef, a 55-year Hollywood fixture, is shutting as a result of the $20 increase in the minimum wage. In addition to the pandemic and growing food prices, the minimum wage law, according to the owner’s son-in-law Gary Husch, was the “nail in the coffin.”

Taffer applauded former President Donald Trump’s plan to exclude tips from taxes, claiming that doing so would help the employees and reassure customers that the money would actually go to the workers.

The Bar Rescue host went on to say that the rising prices of food, utilities, insurance, and occupancy had created a “gloom” in the sector.

Taffer has previously attacked California’s recently passed “junk fees” law, stating the government shouldn’t meddle in the restaurant industry. He said restaurant owners are facing significant financial challenges since they must pay for food and drink with one-third of their revenues, payroll with another third, and additional expenses like administrative services and other charges with another 10% to 15%. 

He said prices are incredibly high now—a hamburger costs what a steak used to cost in some markets.