Judge Drops List Of Hunter Biden’s ‘Conditions Of Release’

After years of illegal drug usage, trafficking and engaging in the services of prostitutes, engineering multimillion-dollar bribery schemes, and consorting with foreign agents from Ukraine, China, Romania, and other countries, for the purpose of selling his father’s name, Hunter Biden showed up in court today in Delaware to accept to a sweetheart deal offered by his dad’s Department of Justice.

Hunter will not have to do any time in jail due to the gun accusation since he was only charged with two misdemeanors connected to tax fraud.

As part of the favorable agreement reached with the Department of Justice, Hunter Biden would be protected from any further legal action.

Hunter Biden’s plea bargain on tax evasion and weapons crime charges has been criticized by Republican legislators as a “sweetheart deal,” leading to concerns about whether or not Biden was handled gently under the law.

Because the prosecutors attempted to include immunity in Hunter’s plea offer covertly, the agreement fell through on Wednesday.

Since Hunter has entered a plea of not guilty to the allegations, the court proceedings will continue.

New ‘conditions of release’ for Hunter Biden were imposed by Judge Maryellen Noreika, who was appointed to her position by President Trump.

Hunter may be arrested if he slips up on any of these conditions:

  • He may not  possess a firearm
  • He may not possess or use controlled substances unless prescribed by a physician. (This includes marijuana)
  • He must seek employment
  • He will submit to federal supervision
  • He must participate in substance abuse therapy
  • He can consume any alcohol
  • He must submit to screen testing for prohibited and controlled  substances

If Hunter violates any of these conditions, the court may

  • Immediately issue an arrest warrant
  • Revoke his release
  • Seize his release bond
  • Prosecute him for contempt of court