Key Biden Family Witness Found Dead

According to sources, a Biden/Burisma Bribery Scandal whistleblower has apparently been discovered dead. Mykola Lisin’s wife acted as a whistleblower since she was married to a senior executive at Burisma. In 2011, Mykola Lisin was killed in an unsolved vehicle accident.

Even Lisin’s son has been taken hostage and abused in the past. There is a widespread view that these catastrophes are not random.

According to a report, the FBI announced that they could not ensure the safety of the Biden family whistleblowers last month.

Rudy Giuliani explained to Newsmax that Lisin’s widow had solid evidence of then Vice President Biden’s bribery by Burisma shortly before her death.

Giuliani informed Newsmax that Lisin’s wife had evidence that then-Vice President Biden was personally accepting foreign bribes via the use of the Biden clan’s offshore bank accounts. Giuliani continued by saying that Lisin’s wife was ready and eager to appear before the Republican-controlled House and provide financial information to lawmakers.

Giuliani informed Newsmax that Bill Barr knew in 2020 that then-Vice President Joe Biden had accepted bribes and that the US Attorney in Pittsburgh was willing to pursue Biden for this, but Bill Barr ended the probe without providing a reason.

However, according to a report, Lisin’s wife is alive and well

As of 19 June 2023, her lawyer claims she is still alive and has never worked as a bookkeeper for Burisma.

The original article with the story’s details was printed in The People’s Voice, dated June 12, 2023.

The report referenced a Newsmax interview with former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani on June 10 of this year. The interview transcript, however, does not make the same precise accusation concerning the woman’s claimed death; instead, it is released under the far more general title asserting that Giuliani indicated that the DOJ ignored evidence of the bribery of then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Giuliani said the lady was in danger and stated that the purported information transfer occurred in January 2020. 

However, the ex-Trump lawyer never once said that Lisin’s wife had passed away. 

The phrase “the wife of the former owner who died under suspicious circumstances” is particularly nebulous since it leaves the possibility that Giuliani was referring merely to the death of the man she was said to have been married to.