Key Evidence Vanishes In CIA Controversy

The Obama administration’s justification for launching Crossfire Hurricane, its clandestine counterintelligence probe into Trump’s 2016 campaign, has been shattered by a new explosive revelation.

The search warrant for a 10-inch binder containing declassified documents that would explain how former CIA Director John O. Brennan authorized the first surveillance operation into Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign was likely sought by FBI agents during their August 2022 raid of the Mar-a-Lago residence.

Trump declassified the binder holding details on the genesis and covert FBI investigation known as Crossfire Hurricane the day before he left office.

In their exhaustive hunt for the binder, the writers imply that the FBI could have been attempting to retrieve and conceal the material.

The study was co-authored by writer Michael Shellenberger and two other freelance journalists. An insider with knowledge of the House PSC on Intelligence told them that committee personnel had found proof that Brennan had requested 26 Trump campaign individuals to be spied on by the Five Eyes intelligence partnership in the months before the election.

While serving as head of the intelligence agency in March 2016, when Donald Trump’s lead in the Republican presidential primary had grown substantially, Brennan reportedly made the request.

The FBI denied claims that they started eavesdropping on Trump’s campaign in July 2016 in the report. The government has said that it began the probe in response to unsolicited intelligence received from foreign friends who had found out—inadvertently—that aides to Trump were collaborating with Russians to harm the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

According to the source, the probe was initiated by Brennan, not by chance, nor after he found evidence of collaboration.

For a long time, Republicans in the House have claimed that the Obama administration spied on the previous president without a warrant.

Those close to the ex-president claim that not even he knows where the binder is—a result of the CIA’s efforts to keep most of the contents hidden.

After four years of investigating the roots of Crossfire Hurricane, special prosecutor John Durham reported in May that the FBI did not have any actual evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians to warrant their covert probe.

Throughout his administration, Trump was hounded by allegations of collusion with Russians.