Kid Rock Backtracks On Boycott

Although he was instrumental in organizing a boycott that saw Anheuser-Busch (AB) InBev lose millions of dollars, Kid Rock now claims to have changed his views regarding Bud Light.

In April, Rock was one of numerous conservative icons to protest the beverage when Bud Light gave a personalized case of beer to transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The 52-year-old also posted a video of himself shooting a case of Bud Light on X, the social network formerly known as Twitter, with the caption “F*** Bud Light and f*** Anheuser-Busch.”

He “didn’t want to be in the party of cancel cultures and boycotts that eventually damage working-class people,” the rapper said during an appearance on Fox News on November 16.

A “conservative” and “patriot,” the artist —real name Robert Ritchie— claimed he had given the topic great thought since advocating for Bud Light’s termination earlier this year.

He claimed that as a Christian and a God-fearing guy, he had to have faith in the concept of forgiveness. “They made a mistake, all right. Is it your intention to make sure they drown as you take away their means of subsistence? If I could avoid it, I would. I am optimistic but don’t want to be their biggest fan if they succeed. I need them to show me that they value my business as a customer and a client.

Mulvaney, a musical theater actress and the Day 365 of Girlhood TikTok hit, posted a video on April 1 where she unwrapped a gift from Bud Light. In response, the conservative population stopped drinking beer. And country star Travis Tritt took Bud Light from his tour bus.

Anheuser-Busch (AB) InBev reported a 14 percent drop in U.S. revenue between July and September as sales of Bud Light plunged over the summer.

In August, Rock was seen sipping the drink despite his purported dislike for the brand, prompting widespread ridicule.