Kirk Cameron Says Values Are Being Hijacked In America

According to reports, Kirk Cameron, a Christian actor and author, has created Pride Comes Before the Fall, his second book for children published by Brave Books, to teach kids about the perils of arrogance. Lessons on modesty, religion, and good character are included in this illustrated book.

The countrywide storytime tour that Kirk Cameron has been doing has been a smashing success. His travels have taken him to New York, Savannah, Georgia, California, Nashville, Indiana, Tennessee, and North Carolina. 

On May 27th, Cameron will be making a visit to the Seattle Public Library. The fact that his events have been so well received, even in liberal strongholds, shows how much demand there is for material that reflects his audience’s beliefs.

In an interview with an online publication, Cameron remarked that people from all kinds of groups are starting to emerge.  People are realizing that our country and its principles are being taken over and penetrated.

Despite claims from library officials that no one in their towns shared the principles Cameron was advocating, his programs continue to draw large crowds despite this.

Cameron thinks that Americans want to return to the principles that have in the past given blessings and protection. He explained the reason for what he was doing, together with divine assistance, that we can guide America toward recovery and away from the path of ruin. There are many people who desire truth, beauty, and goodness, but many have been deceived and cannot see it. 

Zach Bell, Brave Books’ chief of staff, has stated that the company has formed a legal team to challenge any library that declines Cameron’s story hour request on the grounds that doing so violates Cameron’s First Amendment rights. 

During Cameron’s tour last year, Brave Books asked more than fifty public libraries to host an “As You Grow” story hour with him. In contrast to the Christian themes of Cameron, many libraries welcomed Drag Queen Story Hours.