KJP Mocked for Claiming Hunter Biden Is a ‘Private Citizen’

Amid the unfolding legal issues of Hunter Biden, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s classification of him as a “private citizen” was met with backlash on social media platforms. Following the failure of Hunter’s plea deal that morning, journalists were keen on querying the press secretary about his ongoing legal battles. Nonetheless, at the start of the press conference, Jean-Pierre declared she would direct reporters to Hunter’s legal representatives, underscoring his status as a “private citizen.”

“Given the events in Delaware today, I know many will have queries. Before handing it over to my colleague, the admiral, here’s what I can say. Hunter Biden is a private citizen dealing with a personal issue. The president and the first lady love their son and support him as he works to reconstruct his life,” Jean-Pierre announced.

Numerous Twitter commentators decried this notion, highlighting the privileges that Hunter has enjoyed as Biden’s offspring. A Fox News contributor, Ben Domenech, responded sarcastically, “That’ll work.”

Abe Hamadeh, a former nominee for Arizona Attorney General, pointedly remarked, “A private citizen with a motorcade.”

Ex-NYPD detective Rob O’Donnell highlighted, “But the Candidacy set up the laptop disinformation campaign. He resides at the White House and accompanies his father on Official ventures. Advises his father on Official presentations. There’s evidence of his business relations with his father. Has leveraged dad’s influence.”

Substack author Jim Treacher said, “He is not a private citizen, irrespective of his dad’s affection for him.”

Republican Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel argued, “Whether or not Joe Biden was directly entangled in his family’s stratagems – as suggested by text messages, emails, photos, visitor logs, and direct accounts – it’s not a ‘personal issue.'” 

“This was an independent investigation supervised by the Department of Justice. As we have consistently emphasized, they are autonomous. We allow them to conduct their work. We adhere to the rule of law. I don’t have anything else to divulge on this matter. I would direct you to the Department of Justice. 

Phil Wegmann, a Real Clear Politics reporter, probed, “You recently claimed nothing has altered when questioned about the president’s former comments on his son’s business dealings. Yet, the language has certainly evolved. Why the updated language? Which claim is accurate, or is this a game of semantics, and both are accurate?”

“To reiterate what I said on Monday when this question was posed multiple times, there has been no change. There has been no change in this situation,” Jean-Pierre responded.