Kushner Says Saudi Arabia Safer For Jews Than Colleges

On Sunday, amid heated continuing discussions and demonstrations regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict, the son-in-law of ex-President Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, said that Saudi Arabia is safer for Jews in America than U.S. college campuses.

According to a report, some feel the celebration of Hamas’ terror crimes by students and staff is beyond understanding. The moral ambiguity and lack of judgment shown by university leaders in reaction to this cruelty is repugnant.

The conflict with Israel has shed light on the seedier side of higher learning. People are waking up to the moral craziness being perpetuated in many of our colleges, just as parents of K-12 kids were very troubled when they realized what had been taught to their children throughout the pandemic-era school shutdowns.

On October 7, Hamas conducted the worst assault ever by Palestinian militants against Israel, prompting Israel to fire its most extensive airstrikes against Gaza to date in retaliation.
According to reports, nearly 1,400 Israelis had been slain as of Sunday, and over 8,000 Palestinians had been killed.

Netanyahu declared war on Hamas and shut off all supplies to the Gaza Strip, including fuel, food, and power. Some assistance has been let into Gaza by Israel via Egypt.

With a population of 2.3 million, the area is a target for a ground invasion. Netanyahu’s cabinet mobilized 360,000 military reservists in preparation.

On Wednesday, Kushner emphasized the relevance of the Abraham Accords, an agreement he mediated among Israel and Arab nations.

In 2020, President Donald Trump mediated a set of rapprochement accords (The Abraham Accords) between Arab states and Israel. These were the first of their type since 1994.

Former Trump advisor Kushner said Israel’s capacity to defend itself from its neighbors was essential and could not be compromised.

According to Kushner, those who demonstrate in support of the Palestinians have missed the point, and the marches against Israel are disturbing. The protesters should be criticizing the Hamas-led Palestinian government instead. They need to tell Hamas to help its people to improve their standard of living.