Lawmakers Forced To Resign Over Controversial Facebook Posts

Leftwing uproar has resulted in the resignations of two mayors in Oregon over what was seen as nasty, bigoted, and insulting Facebook statements towards the LGBTQ community and illegal immigration.

Both mayors resigned on the same day.

Mayor Dean Sawyer of Newport and Mayor Matt Diaz of Baker City resigned after controversial social media statements were made public.

On Monday, Sawyer apologized for his role in spreading offensive memes and videos. According to Oregon Public Radio, the posts appeared on a Facebook page frequented by members of the police enforcement community.

More than a hundred members of the local LGBTQ+ community demonstrated against Sawyer’s continued tenure as mayor at Newport City Hall. At least five of his six fellow council members from Newport showed up to the protest and have since made it plain they intend to call for his resignation at a special meeting on Monday. 

The posts date back to 2016, and in them, Sawyer denigrates a wide variety of people, including illegal immigrants, women, and members of the LGBTQ community.

One meme depicts a case of Bud Light bottles with the text, “I called AutoZone to order a case of tranny fluid, and this is what I got.”

Many people in the United States refuse to buy Bud Light because of the company’s cozy relationship with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. The corporation has lost billions of dollars due to the continuous boycott.

Sawyer wrote to the city manager and city council president in his resignation letter, saying he was sorry in the “sincerest form.”

In an interview with Oregon Public Radio, he said the tweets were “stupid” and “juvenile” and didn’t represent his feelings.

Diaz resigned the following day.

Mayor Diaz faced backlash after posting a meme on his personal Facebook page in June that depicted four Pride flags in the shape of a Nazi symbol. He insisted he wasn’t leaving because of the meme but instead because he and his family were relocating to a new location so he could take a job that paid more.

Diaz stated to the public on June 20 which he claimed the social media post was to show how ‘woke’ ideology is militantly forced on Americans.