Lee Anderson Defects To Nigel Farage’s Reform Party

Nigel Farage’s Reform UK Party now counts Lee Anderson, a former Conservative Party deputy chairman, among its members. He’s defected.

Anderson has a history of defection, having previously departed the Labour Party when he felt they went hard left.

The Conservative Party has removed Boris Johnson from office and installed the highly wealthy Rishi Sunak as party leader and prime minister, despite Sunak’s steep decline in public favor. The leader of the Reform Party in the United Kingdom, Richard Tice, has said they must change the country’s course since it is dysfunctional and people are becoming poorer.

The Labour Party base represented the ‘Red Wall’ seats. England’s once robust industrial centers have since seen their manufacturing jobs disappear as companies relocate elsewhere. Anderson proved an asset to the Conservatives as an emissary to the Red Wall seats.

Anderson was appointed deputy chairman of the Conservative Party in February 2023 as part of their strategy to use him as a spokesperson for working-class voters. The party, however, couldn’t seem to stomach the working-class people’s opinions and interests.

As a result of his agreement with the statements made by former Home Secretary Suella Braverman in February— that the truth is the Islamists, the extremists, and the anti-Semites “are in charge now”—Anderson was suspended from the party earlier this year. The frequent Hamas-Palestine marches in London, he added to bolster his claims, demonstrated the extent to which Islamists dominated the city. Sadiq Khan of London, whom Anderson mentioned, condemned the comments as Islamophobic, anti-Muslim and racist. As a result, Anderson was asked to apologize and was suspended from the Party.

During his defection, Anderson voiced his concern that the nation is ceding its traditions, history, streets, and ideals to a vocal minority that despises them. He maintained that taking a stand in a culture war is not controversial and that he has the private backing of many of his Conservative Party colleagues.