Longtime Mistress Of Clint Eastwood Dies At 93

A longtime lover of famed actor Clint Eastwood, Roxanne Tunis, passed away on June 23 following a “brief illness.” She was 93 years old.

Kimber Eastwood, Tunis, and Eastwood’s daughter, reportedly confirmed Tunis’s death in an email message obtained by Radar. Tunis and Eastwood stayed quite close over their 14-year affair.

According to a reliable source, Eastwood had a good connection with Roxanne till the end, and he’s heartbroken about her death and how it must affect his daughter Kimber.

A second reliable source said that Roxanne worshipped the ground Eastwood walked on, and she didn’t care one iota that Clint was a famous actor. The success and wealth never wowed her. From what we hear, “all she wanted was to be in Clint Eastwood’s arms,” so to speak.

In 1964, when Eastwood was still married to Maggie Johnson, rumors spread that he and Tunis had begun an affair. They first crossed paths in 1959 on the set of the TV show Rawhide. Despite Eastwood’s marriage, he and Tunis remained an item in the 1970s. Tunis was chosen to play a key role in Eastwood’s 1978 picture, “Every Which Way but Loose.”

They made no secret of their romantic relationship while filming. According to reports, a source said that after each scene, Clint would sidle up to Roxanne and put his arm lovingly around her.

She often visited his trailer used as a dressing room. She was a background player before, but with his help, she was promoted to “a more prominent role,” the source added.

The renowned actor kept in touch with Kimber, who portrayed a White House tour guide in her father’s blockbuster film, “Absolute Power.”

Eastwood has allegedly had at least eight children from at least six different women, and he has married twice.
Of all his mistresses, Tunis lasted the longest.