Maine Shooting Victims Identified In Heartbreaking Update

In Lewiston, Maine, a lone shooter killed 18 people, including a father and son named William Brackett and Aaron Young.

Billy Brackett was a deaf man who loved basketball, soccer, baseball, and softball. He was a batboy for the high school baseball team and a sign language instructor for elementary school students.

Aaron bowled competitively and earned awards from his youth league.

Bath Iron Works pipefitter Peyton Brewer-Ross was shot and killed while he and his friends were playing cornhole.

Joshua Seal was also shot and killed while participating in the cornhole tournament at Schemengees. There were many other members of the deaf community participating in the event, including interpreters Bob and Luceille Violette.

Best friends Michael Deslauriers and Jason Walker were shot at Just-in-Time Recreation.

Joe Walker, manager of the tavern at Schemengees, died.

Tricia Asselin, a part-time worker at the bowling alley, was killed by gunfire as she tried to phone the police. Toni Asselin, who bowled on the youth league, and her mother, Tammy, were at the alley. They were killed.

Family man Arthur Strout was killed.

Brian McFarlane, a commercial truck driver and deaf community member, was also participating in the cornhole tournament at the local watering hole when he was killed.

USPS employee and deaf cornhole league player Stephen Vozzella was out with pals when he was killed.

Thomas Conrad, the bowling alley’s general manager, was 34 years old and known for his kindness toward children. He was killed in the hail of bullets.

35-year-old Maxx Hathaway was a stay-at-home parent to his two daughters.

64-year-old Keith Macneir was killed.

Family man and charismatic character were two things that stood out to many who knew Ronald Morin, 55, who was murdered on this horrible day.

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