Majority Of Republican Voters Still Doubt 2020 Outcome

According to reports, Former President Trump’s claims of violations in the presidential election for 2020 are beginning to resurface in the thoughts of Republicans and independents who lean toward the GOP.

According to the most recent CNN survey, sixty-nine percent of those voters express skepticism that President Joe Biden was elected with valid votes, putting him in office rather than Donald Trump.

Half of all voters believe that politicians will someday be able to successfully contest an election and turn a defeat into a win. This is a central allegation in the four-count indictment against Trump brought by special counsel Jack Smith in connection with Trump’s challenge to the 2020 presidential election.

In the most recent survey, 75% of Trump’s  2020 voters expressed disbelief that Biden received the votes.

A recent report shows that an unidentified woman delivered up to 10,000 complete voter registration applications to the office of Muskegon, Michigan City Clerk Ann Meisch, on October 8, 2020, a month ahead of the 2020 general election. As soon as Clerk Meisch examined the registrations, she found duplicate signatures, outdated phone numbers, and wrong addresses.

The investigation was sent to the Muskegon Police Department. Lieutenant First Class Mike Anderson was approached on October 21 by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Chief of Investigations, Tom Fabus. The AG and the Muskegon Police Department reportedly looked into allegations of voting fraud. The Michigan State Police became involved, and a special task team was established for an inquiry.

According to the report, the state police learned that a group of women were employed by GBI Strategies. 

GBI Strategies set up temporary offices around the state of Michigan. Gary Bell was named as the group’s leader by the police.

Near Muskegon, in an office that looked like a defunct eyewear company, police discovered semiautomatic firearms, suppressors, a bag of pre-paid currency cards, burner phones, and incomplete voter registrations.

No one was ever taken into custody. Like all previous investigations into allegations of voting fraud by Democrats, this one was handed off to the FBI and then abandoned.

The report reveals that then-AG Bill Barr selected an infamous DOJ attorney who hid voting fraud offenses in November 2020.