Man Arrested After Babysitter Discovers Hidden Camera in Bathroom

The discovery of a concealed camera in a man’s bathroom in late May led to eleven counts of video voyeurism against him. He hails from Slidell, Louisiana.

An investigation into 31-year-old Jonathan Bethancourt was initiated by a babysitter who reported discovering a concealed camera disguised as a smoke detector in a guest bathroom and reported it to the Slidell Police Department.

Authorities said they investigated Bethancourt’s residence and discovered more cameras and other proof of wrongdoing. At this time, the police have found no indication that any cameras were placed elsewhere other than at his residence and a condominium in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Police anticipate filing further charges against Bethancourt as the investigation unfolds; new alleged victims have been found, and there is still “substantial” video material to be examined.

It was in St. Tammany Parish Jail that Bethancourt posted bond after being transferred there from Slidell City Jail. Due to the cross-border nature of the inquiry, federal and Alabama officials are assisting the Slidell police.

Alyssa Glavan, the babysitter, has been posting videos on her TikTok account since Monday. In the comments, she said it was time she spoke up.

Glavan claimed to have discovered a smoke detector in a bathroom-area closet in a TikTok video. After spotting a camera lens on the smoke detector, she removed it from its wall mount and discovered an SD card containing a QR code. The QR code sent Glavan to a website advertising a “secret spy cam.”

In the video’s closing minute, Glavan plays an audio clip in which the person she claims to be Bethancourt confesses to possessing the spy camera. The police have yet to confirm.

She asserts that after alerting authorities and shortly after learning the news, Bethancourt contacted Glavan many times by phone and text.

His confession to being a pervert and his promise to pay Glavan to be silent are audible in the tapes.