Man Confesses to Causing Death of Woman By Dangerous Driving

Female hands on the car steering wheel close up. Woman is driving a car.

Tragically, 25-year-old passenger Demi Mabbitt passed just a week after being involved in a different kind of hit-and-run car wreck.

Demi’s boyfriend abandoned her after he wrecked his Audi, leaving her to die.

29-year-old Cameron Jones was last seen after a night out on the town the night the accident occurred, prompting a manhunt that ended with his capture.

Jones pleaded guilty to causing death by driving recklessly. He was also uninsured. Jones, a resident of South Wales, admitted to causing the collision.

At around 23:45 BST on April 5th, an accident happened on Swansea Road in Merthyr Tydfil.

After Jones pled guilty to the serious charges, Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke warned that he would face an immediate prison term. The sentencing hearing is set for June 21.

In a memorial following her passing, Ms. Mabbitt’s family characterized her as a wonderful daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, and auntie. Additionally, they mentioned that she was a really generous and selfless person.

The fleeing motorist is facing jail time after abandoning his beautiful fiancee in the rubble of his crashed Audi, where she was gravely injured.

On a night out, Demi Leigh Mabbitt was driving alone when Cameron Jones ran away from the scene of the accident.

After his girlfriend died, authorities were able to locate 29-year-old Jones, who had gone missing after the tragedy.

After pleading guilty at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court, the motorist now faces jail time.

During his sentencing later today, Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke cautioned Jones that his “serious offenses” would result in “an immediate custodial sentence.” According to Paul, Ms. Mabbitt’s father, the family is going through “heartache beyond words,” and her memory “will never be forgotten.”

Authorities first reported Jones missing following the collision due to the severity of his injuries; however, they later changed his status to that of a wanted man and warned the public not to approach him.

The police warned that anybody else who attempted to aid Jones may face legal consequences, and they detained two individuals who had taken him in as a refugee.