Man From Rhode Island Arrested After Stealing Cop’s Car

On Tuesday afternoon, a police cruiser in Providence was stolen, and the perpetrator, who was driving a “slingshot” (a three-wheeled motorcycle), was apprehended.

Oscar Perez, the chief of police in Providence, said while on patrol on Broad Street, an officer saw slingshots driving carelessly and dangerously in the bike lane. The officer stopped the driver and stepped out of his cruiser to assess the situation.

The slingshot operator abruptly ran away on foot.

The officer pursued him, leading to a physical altercation during which the suspect managed to escape, and a bag, which happened to contain a firearm, fell to the ground; the guy jumped into the police vehicle and drove for a short distance before abandoning the cruiser and running away.

According to Perez, the person was apprehended not long after the police had set a perimeter.

Perez lauded the police’s efforts as praiseworthy.

In the police report, the officer observed the suspect’s reckless driving when Ishmael Lee allegedly collided with a pedestrian. The authorities say that Lee opted to flee, and the revolver slipped out of Lee’s backpack as he was battling the cop.

He is now facing accusations related to driving dangerously, resisting arrest, simple assault, obstructing justice, car theft, and possession of a handgun.

Providence Police arrested 34-year-old Ishmael Lee on Wednesday night after briefly escaping in a marked police car.

Two people were riding the Slingshots in a designated bike lane on Broad Street. The second driver has not been identified.

The court reportedly imposed a bond of $20,000.

The defendant admits that the allegations against them may be true, but, as stated by Toland Law LLC, they insist on their innocence when they make a no-contest plea.

No contest pleas are frequently employed as part of a plea bargain or in situations where the victim is expected to file a civil suit.

The next scheduled court appearance for Lee is August 21.

The incident happened not long after City of Providence Mayor Brett Smiley, Colonel Oscar Perez, and Councilman John Conclaves held a news conference. With Memorial Day weekend and better weather on the horizon, they underscored at the meeting the Providence Police Department’s need to clamp down on illicit ATVs and dirt motorcycles in the city.