Man Gives Haunting Testimony Of Alien Abduction

A man has spoken out about his terrifying encounter with aliens, who he claims abducted him and then used his DNA to make hybrid children.

A Missourian named Julius Shields recently spoke about his life-changing experience with extraterrestrials. He was just seventeen years old when this happened to him.

In an interview with the YouTube channel Soft White Underbelly, the 28-year-old spoke frankly about his first meeting with aliens.

Julius claims that he saw glowing orbs floating outside his house when the aliens first approached him. He said a little creature with three tentacles began pounding on his window.

He said he stood still, unable to respond.

After the occurrence, he was so frightened that he began sleeping in a different room. When Julius began having strange dreams, he wondered if there was life beyond Earth.

In one dream, he was in what seemed like a Gladiator arena. There were a variety of weird beings. Suddenly, a weapon appeared in his grasp, and a teal blob monster landed on him as if from nowhere, he recalled.

He went on to detail how the dreams grew more erotic throughout the week, with him consistently having wet dreams. He said he had intercourse with a wide range of creatures, including women and other things. The oddity was that he never found any sperm in his underpants. 

He was adamant that aliens were abducting him so they could use his sperm to make hybrid kids.

Almost simultaneously, Julius decided to contact his long-lost uncle. His relative had also experienced the same unearthly events, which came as a complete shock to him.

Julius boldly said that he has studied the matter extensively and feels the entities he encountered are often known as the Greys. They are barely three or four feet tall. They have a huge mothership and smaller pilot-flying saucers. This is a breathtaking reminder that life is more than just this world.

Ten years later, Julius still thinks about what those “wet dreams” meant to him.

Somewhere out there, he may have a family.