Man Who Abandoned Fiancee in Car Crash Faces Prison Time

After leaving his fiancée critically injured after crashing their car, a boyfriend has admitted to causing her death by hazardous driving.

Rescuers discovered 25-year-old passenger Demi Mabbitt alive in the wreckage of her soon-to-be husband’s Audi. The beautiful fiancée of the fugitive motorist was callously left in the strewn wreckage by the coward behind the wheel.

She passed away just one week after being left for dead. Demi was from Aberfan.

After a night out, 29-year-old Cameron Jones vanished following the crash, prompting a manhunt that ended with his eventual capture.

One allegation of causing death by driving while uninsured was added to Jones’s guilty plea after he confessed to causing the wreck in Merthyr, South Wales.

At this month’s Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court sentencing, Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke warned that, due to the “serious offenses,” Jones should prepare for immediate transfer directly to prison.

Demi Mabbitt was a wonderful daughter, granddaughter, sister, auntie, and cousin, according to the victim’s father, Paul Mabbitt. He said she was “the glue” that kept the family together. The distraught father said that she was neither the first nor the last in her family, but she was the rock that kept them all together and a fierce warrior till the very end. She was a kind, loving spirit. The agony and anguish they are experiencing are indescribable. “Our precious daughter was taken from us too soon,” he said.

Jones vanished after the crash but was located by authorities following the death of his girlfriend.

Police found proof that Jones had suffered severe injuries in the collision, so they put him on the missing persons list. However, they quickly changed his status to wanted man, warning the public not to approach him.

After the arrest of two of his harborers, the police issued a warning that anybody else attempting to aid Jones would face legal consequences.

Approximately eleven and a half minutes before midnight on Swansea Road, Jones’s white Audi A3 crashed, with Ms. Mabbitt in the front seat. No other cars were involved in the accident.

Friends of Demi, saddened by her disappearance, begged Jones to come forward. They posted photos of him on social media, both bearded and clean-shaven, in the hopes that someone would recognize him.