Master of Disguise’ Fugitive Caught After All This Time

Extradition to Hawaii is scheduled to take place next week after the apprehension of a fugitive allegedly referred to as a “master of disguise” in Newport, California, in late November.

On November 30, 2023, federal officials arrested 51-year-old Tyler Adams on a state warrant filed in Hawaii. This arrest followed a failed return to the Laumaka Furlough Center in May 2019, according to a news announcement by Hawaii Governor Josh Green.

According to reports, Adams was convicted of stealing $130,000 from banks in Hawaii and $5,000 from Costco. Using his parents’ names to rack up more than $3 million in debt landed him a seven-year prison term.

The FBI released a statement in June 2022 stating that they were seeking to interrogate him about his girlfriend Raquel Sabean’s disappearance and assumed death in Mexico.

According to the FBI, Adams was held and interrogated in Mexico earlier that month. However, on June 16, he departed from Mexico and entered the United States at the San Ysidro Port of Entry in San Diego, California. According to the FBI, he has a history of using aliases, including fake and stolen identities, and reportedly used the fictitious identity Aaron Bain.

The same year, a car associated with Sabean was found with human remains inside. The corpse has been identified as belonging to Sabean, whom Adams shared a 7-month-old baby with.

Although Sabean and Adams were American citizens, the lady went missing when they were residing in Tijuana, Mexico.

After the youngster went missing, authorities issued an Amber Alert and initially arrested Adams in connection with the case. After going missing on June 10, the girl was located in Mexico without incident.

However, Adams remained unhelpful when asked about Sabean, according to the FBI.

A “master of disguise” with a criminal record spanning decades,

According to a local Honolulu, Hawaii NBC affiliate, Adams established accounts at the Bank of Hawaii and American Savings Bank in 2009 and established many phony enterprises. He allegedly persuaded the bankers to promptly release the funds after depositing vast quantities of money into the accounts using bogus checks.