Megan Fox’s Child Dressup Declared Act For “Social Currency”

Matt Walsh, the Daily Wire contributor, has a problem with Megyn Fox. 

After the actress clothed her three sons in “girl’s clothes,” Walsh accused her of doing so for “clout,”  “an opportunity to bring attention” to herself, and for “social currency.”

Walsh discussed the 37-year-old Fox’s latest Instagram post, which featured her and her three boys from her marriage to ex-husband Brian Austin Green dressed as girls. It was a printout of a tweet by congressional candidate and Republican from Tennessee, Robby Starbuck. Walsh remarked that Starbuck said he knows firsthand that two of the Fox children have said that they were forced into wearing girls’ clothes by their mom. He said the nanny consoled the upset children.

To counter Starbuck’s claims, the Hollywood star wrote online that Starbuck was exploiting her children’s gender identity to gain “social currency” in his political campaign.

Fox, according to Matt Walsh, is the one using her children as social currency. He called it “clout chasing.”

Walsh told his listeners on his podcast that Fox has defined her approach to parenting. You take your boys, dress them in girly attire, and trot them around town to achieve social status – or clout chasing. 

He said it is simply to get others to pay attention to you. You’re using your sons as social currency for your purposes.

Walsh spoke directly to Foz and said her sons weren’t “even people to you.” He said they were fashion accessories– fashion statements. He said Fox dehumanized her kids.

Walsh said that a child doesn’t go to the store with his credit card to buy his own clothing.” He noted that it was Fox’s decision to dress her kids that way.

Fox’s ex-husband, the actor Brian Austin Green, also replied to Starbuck’s accusations, calling them “a totally bogus story.” 

The pictures exist. It’s not known what Green claims is “totally bogus.”