Megyn Kelly Roasts Ben and Jerry’s Founders on Camera

Journalist Megyn Kelly hosted a vibrant 4th of July gathering at her residence on the Jersey Shore, New Jersey, embracing the patriotic spirit. 

However, during the event, she strongly disapproved of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company for their demand to return “stolen land” to Native Americans.

Nevertheless, she made it a point to address those who lacked a sense of patriotism. 

On her SiriusXM show, she voiced her opinions, stating, “The two individuals behind Ben & Jerry’s may have sold their company for over $300 million a few years ago, but their disdain for America remains evident. 

They believe Independence Day should be a day of atonement for Native Americans. 

How about — No? It’s ironic how these people inadvertently sabotage their happiness.”

Kelly’s critique of Ben & Jerry’s arose in response to the company’s July 4th tweet, in which they called for the United States to acknowledge and return ” land stolen from indigenous people.” The tweet received substantial criticism online.

Founded by Jerry Greenwood and Ben Cohen, who were known for their association with Bernie Sanders, Ben & Jerry’s has since been acquired by the British multinational Unilever (the Procter & Gamble of Europe). 

The tweet, addressed to their 494,000 followers, conveyed their message: “This 4th of July, it’s time that we recognize that the US exists on land stolen from indigenous people and that land should be returned.” 

Throughout its history, Ben & Jerry’s has been aligned with progressive causes and has partnered with various social justice movements. 

Their tweet included a link to a post on their website, explaining their stance on America’s origins and their desire to support a movement that dismantles “systems of oppression and white supremacy.”

The company’s post discussed the Lakota Sioux tribe’s reverence for Mount Rushmore. 

Ben & Jerry’s cited historical treaties from the 1920s that allowed the tribes to retain ownership of Mount Rushmore. 

Although the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Lakota Sioux, awarding them $105 million, the tribes declined the payment, insisting on the return of their land.

In solidarity with the Land Back Movement, Ben & Jerry’s announced their support for the cause, which seeks to restore the rights and freedoms of Indigenous people.

The company’s tweet triggered immediate outrage on social media, with numerous disappointed customers expressing their discontent, deeming the message as anti-American sentiment on a day dedicated to celebrating the United States.