Mike Pence Takes Comfort In GOP Debaters’ Words

Former Vice President Mike Pence received an extraordinary outpouring of support from his Republican competitors on Wednesday night after the intense arguments and name-calling that took place on the stage of the Republican primary debate.

Many of Pence’s fellow contenders, when asked about January 6, 2021, whether Pence had done the right thing in certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election, vowed their unshakable support for the former vice president.

President Trump, at the time, was putting intense pressure on Vice President Pence to announce election results officially.

During an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Pence called the support “encouraging.”

Pence said that although the report was positive, it wasn’t groundbreaking.
Despite pressure from Trump and, subsequently, threats from the mob that stormed the Capitol and halted the day’s proceedings, Pence made the correct choice on January 6.

Chris Christie (the former governor of New Jersey), Tim Scott (a senator from South Carolina), Nikki Haley (a former governor of South Carolina), and Doug Burgum (a governor of North Dakota) all agreed on this.

Christie’s interruption of the debate moderators on Wednesday to laud Pence on his performance was the most effusive praise.

For placing his oath of office and the Constitution of the United States of America ahead of personal, political, and unjust pressure, Christie said Pence deserves not grudging recognition; “he deserves our appreciation as Americans.”

Christie said getting rid of the individual in our party who says we must suspend the Constitution to further his political career is the debate we need to have. He said before we can tackle the issues and problems that Ron DeSantis speaks about, the party must dump Trump.

On Sunday, Pence said, “I relish that almost everyone on that podium made it plain that I have done my job that day.” “That day, I performed my duty,” he said.

He stated that the people of the United States need to know where every candidate for the Republican candidacy stands.