Miss Universe Judge Threatened After Testy Exchange With Palestine Activist

During her recent appearance on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” Jewish journalist and Miss Universe Pagent judge Emily Austin, who has been the target of internet harassment and threats of physical harm, she has addressed the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Also on the show was activist Nerdeen Kiswani of Within Our Lifetime-United for Palestine (WOL), a radical New York-based organization that has drawn up an anti-Semitic “enemy” map of New York City.

Austin claims that Kiswani started a cyber harassment campaign against her by uploading a photo of her with a red triangle on her head, which Austin characterized as a bounty.

At one point, Austin angered Kiswani when she challenged her to denounce the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Without condemning the terror attacks, she called the question “ridiculous.”

Death threats and abuse ensued. “I will locate you and sell you,” one reader remarked. It would cost a big penny to have a Jew like you in Gaza,” one person threatened, while another promised to murder her. Some individuals insulted her, calling her insults like “f—ing lying piece of s—t” and “dumb Jewish b—h.”

Another stated she “deserved” a gunshot in the head. The hashtags “Watch your back” and “I’m gonna get you” were used by another account.

Austin also said that her mother had been the target of harassing and sometimes violent text messages. The fact that the activist was also a lawyer astonished her, and she expressed her “embarrassment” for Kiswani. The internet abuse and threats were reported to the FBI by Austin after she received communications from concerned members of the council and Congress.

In her May 2022 commencement address for CUNY Law, Kiswani blasted “Zionists” and denounced “normalizing” visits to Israel, catapulting her to fame.

The glamorous, intelligent, and beautiful Austin has hired private security in response to the threats to her life.