Mother Admits to Exposing Eight-Month-Old Baby to Heroin

Authorities have made public disturbing new audio in which a woman from Kentucky admits to introducing her eight-month-old daughter to heroin after finding evidence of the substance on her hands.

Following their daughter’s respiratory arrest in November 2023, 33-year-old Brianne Ehlinger and 35-year-old Shawn Gardner were placed under arrest.

Investigators from Boone County have now released recordings to the public in which Ehlinger admits to how her toddler overdosed.

After finishing a treatment program, Ehlinger, who has given birth to at least three children, disclosed that she had been drug-free for two years. Her addiction began when she was eighteen years old. She did, however, inform the detective that she had lately experienced a relapse and had been using.

The mother said she thought her baby daughter had something in her mouth when she was playing with her kids. When she checked her lips with her finger, she seemed to be having trouble breathing, as if there was a problem. Ehlinger had unintentionally let her kid consume the medication after neglecting to wash her hands. She called 911, not thinking about something being on her hands.

Gardner, her partner, dialed 911 once she realized something was wrong with her infant.

The mother and her sister performed CPR on her.

When paramedics got to the house, they could reverse the opioid overdose using Narcan.

The infant miraculously lived, and after receiving care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for a few days, she was eventually released.

In addition to her confession, Ehlinger informed the authorities that the drugs had been supplied to her by her lover, Gardner, who had previously completed a treatment program.

After the two were taken into custody in May, Ehlinger entered a guilty plea to charges of wanton endangerment and endangering the welfare of a juvenile.

She might spend one to five years in jail when she is sentenced later this month.

Gardner is scheduled to appear in court again in July on comparable allegations.

Since then, the youngster has been placed under the supervision of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.