Mother Charged For Giving Abortion Pills To A Baby

Celeste Burgess’s mother, Jessica, helped her get abortion pills online in April 2022 when Celeste was 29 weeks pregnant, even though abortion is illegal in Nebraska beyond 20 weeks. 

The mother of a 17-year-old girl in Nebraska acknowledged illegally giving her abortion drugs and helping her dispose of her baby’s body by burning and burying it.

In a plea deal with Madison County District Attorney Joe Smith, a 42-year-old woman from Norfolk, Nebraska named Jessica Burgess accepted responsibility for three offenses. She admitted to inducing an abortion beyond the 20th week of pregnancy, lying to police, and desecrating human remains.

In exchange for Jessica’s cooperation, Smith agreed to drop accusations of concealing another person’s death and delivering an abortion by someone other than a physician. She faces up to five years in jail and $21,000 in penalties for the three remaining offenses. 

Purportedly the daughter took the drugs and gave birth to the aborted baby while she was in the shower. She wrapped the body in a sheet and placed it in a box.

After the baby’s body was burned, the couple buried it in a field on the outskirts of town. The investigator said the child’s body showed signs of thermal burns; a guy who helped the mother and daughter confirmed that they burnt the body.

In August of 2022, the mother and daughter were charged with criminal offenses to which they first pled not guilty. Now 18, Celeste pleaded guilty in May and awaits sentencing on July 20. She might spend up to two years in jail if convicted. On September 22, Jessica will be given her sentence. 

A record of their Facebook chats documents the beginning of their crime. The daughter asks if they are “going to begin today.” 

The mom says they could if she wants to.

The daughter then reminds the mom that they will “burn the evidence” once “everything comes out.”

Callously, she tells the mother that she will be able to wear her jeans again after they do their deed.