Mother of Twelve Year Old Child Killed by Migrant Breaks Silence

At a news conference on Monday, the mom of Jocelyn Nungaray (12) spoke as prosecutors informed the public on the criminal case against two Venezuelan illegal migrants suspected of her daughter’s murder.

In the murder of the pre-teen in Houston, Texas, two individuals, Johan Jose Rangel Martinez (21) and Franklin Jose Pena Ramos (26), were indicted last week on charges of capital murder. Both individuals entered the United States illegally, contributing to the border catastrophe that President Joe Biden provoked by reversing the Constitutional policies of the Trump administration.

In some regions of the US, a murderer may be sentenced to death if they are convicted of capital murder. It goes beyond a regular murder accusation and includes aggravating circumstances.

According to investigators, Nungaray was strangled to death, and the police managed to track the suspects’ whereabouts thanks to surveillance footage. According to the prosecution, the defendants murdered Nungaray, tied her up, and tossed her corpse into the bayou after luring her beneath a bridge and staying with her for more than two hours.

The investigation is now awaiting forensic evidence that would support a sexual assault allegation.  If found, the case would then be upgraded to a capital punishment prosecution, according to Democrat District Attorney Kim Ogg. If proof of abduction were to surface, the death sentence may be considered.

Murder in Texas may result in the death penalty if one meets certain aggravating circumstances, such as the death of a police officer,  murder during the commission of another felony crime, the commission of several murders, or the murder of a child under the age of fifteen.

Alexis Nungaray thanked the country for recognizing her daughter. She said that Jocelyn was an exceptional young girl who would change the world for other kids and deserving of justice. Additionally, Nungaray wanted to thank her loved ones, who have been keeping an eye on her and offering support throughout this tough time. She expressed her gratitude for the support she has gotten and highlighted that she will always be battling for her daughter.