NASA Unveils New Tool to Search for Extraterrestrial Life

As the autumn equinox has occurred and passes into the rearview mirror, mild, cool weather begins to set in across many regions of America. Fall foliage and a diverse palate of colors comes into full focus in the northern regions of the nation and beyond, and annual seasonal festivities which are associated with the fall harvest are enjoyed at leisure by numerous citizens. While the beauty of nature and tradition may be a tranquil distraction and a cause of joviality for Americans, things domestically and internationally are far from calm. As president Joe Biden continues to display weak leadership, foreign adversaries of the western world and America act in a threatening fashion. After Biden botched the American withdrawal from Afghanistan in August of 2021 thirteen servicemembers died and the nations enemies, watching closely, became emboldened. Russia remains stalemated in a bloody conflict in Ukraine, and China continues to remain aggressive in the pacific. In every regard, things are unstable and volatile for America, her citizens, and her allies.

While things continue to deteriorate on planet earth, individuals that hold out hope for life beyond our solar system may be refreshed to learn that NASA has revealed renewed attempts to search for extraterrestrial activity. In a recent report, the agency claimed in a 36-page publication that it does not have enough definitive data to support or deny claims of alien existence. The media outlet Fox recently stated that the agency will be using artificial intelligence to push forward in its mysterious quest to discover alien life.

The announcement from NASA comes several months after the United States congress held hearings surrounding UFO’s and extraterrestrial life. According to these hearings, some witnesses (former government employees or military servicemembers) claim that the federal government has been aware of “non-human” extraterrestrial affairs since the 1930s. David Grusch, a former Air Force Servicemember, recently claimed that the government had retrieved “non-human” vehicles in recent years.