New “Barbie” Movie To Push Transgenderism

A report reveals that a transgender actor will have a role in the next Barbie movie.

According to an advertising poster shared by transgender actor and model Hari Nef on social media, Nef will play the lead role in a film adaptation of the iconic Mattel doll. Nef posted a poster for the film on Twitter, complete with himself in costume. The poster proclaimed that this Barbie was a doctor.  

Nef’s extensive acting resume has included roles in films by Amazon and Netflix.

Although identity politics entangled with movies isn’t Nef’s cup of tea, he admits that the moniker “BARBIE” is familiar to every American woman.

According to the report, Nef focused on how the actor’s friendship group changed because of Barbie. Nef writes that he is close with a group of transgender people identifying as “the dolls” in the LGBT ballroom dancing community.

The performer pondered if it was an attempt to affirm our femininity, to smirk and scoff at the norms we’re held to as women.

A Washington Examiner writer noted that transgender women, or males who masquerade as women, are imposters. These are guys who fantasize about becoming ladies and may even try to pass as women by adopting certain feminine traits.

True women, human women, exist only in the form of women. They’re biologically feminine due to their pair of X chromosomes and uteruses. A woman’s reproductive potential is at least theoretically activated throughout the time she menstruates and is otherwise in good health to bear children.

It takes a lot of self-delusion from obsessive ideologues to attempt to make the scientific truth that a man may identify as a woman appear contentious. They think males have kids and women have penises. The entire concept is laughable, the writer said.

We must stop them from destroying the concept of women at any cost. We must not give in to their irrational ideas or allow them to reshape society in a way that eliminates women and replaces them with males who can act in a stereotypically feminine manner.

Real women are crucial to the continuation of humanity.