New Biden Rule Would Deny Adoption Rights to Christians

As the United States remains engulfed in a polarized, tense political divide, President Joe Bidens approval ratings remain poor. While many Americans across the nation have become rigid in partisan support and unwilling to engage in dialogue with those ideologically different than themselves, a rare unifying factor in many regions of the nation is the president’s unpopularity. Indeed, even in blue states like New Jersey, the 46th president is underwater- shockingly, in a place where he won by a double digit margin just three years ago. Despite this, Biden remains primed to be the Democrat nominee in 2024 and is likely running for re-election. One federal Democratic representative has voiced his concerns with this strategy and expressed his worry that a Biden candidacy in 2024 would open the door for the former 45th president, Donald Trump, to return to power. Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota’s 3rd congressional district has voiced his displeasure with Biden, stating that he believes Donald Trump is at his strongest with Biden as an opponent.

Bidens performance and accomplishments while serving as president are the subject of significant debate, even among democrat leaning media networks. In numerous instances during his tenure, the president has looked feckless, disorganized, confused, and weak. Most recently, he attracted well-warranted criticism for an off-putting comment in which he compared the Maui wildfire to a small stove-top kitchen fire he experienced himself decades ago.

In yet another display of how radical Biden and his administration have become by adopting far left progressive social policies, a proposal for the federal Health and Human Services department by the administration would limit Christians abilities to adopt children. Biden’s team seeks to make it a requirement that adoptive parents must support “gender transition” if a child wishes to be transgender. Despite the juvenile age of the individual, parents must support the child by affirming “pronouns”, honoring a “name change”, and cross dress. This development is sickening.