New “Loophole” In Biden’s TikTok “Ban” Push Could Help Chinese Government 

( Free Beacon reports that Joe Biden’s new “TikTok” measure might be a tremendous gift to the Communist Chinese regime despite his rhetoric about banning their video-sharing app. 

In 2023, TikTok is still a popular app all around the globe. How much information they’ve gathered on every one since its inception is unknown. 

According to a statement by the FBI, the app is dangerous for the country’s security. Also, they’ve analyzed the app version that the Chinese use compared to what American kids use, which is vastly different. The Chinese app is a learning device, while the American version is a lesson in decadence, turning brains to rot, rather than enriching. 

In response, the White House has abruptly backtracked on its earlier support for TikTok and began advocating for a new measure that would “ban” the Chinese Communist Party-linked app if it threatened national security. 

Marco Rubio, a Republican senator from Florida, has come out strongly against the proposed law, calling it a “smoke screen” that protects TikTok while appearing to be concerned about national security. 

Even Buzzfeed ran an article on how the popular video-sharing software TikTok secretly collects information on its U.S. users on behalf of the communist Chinese government. 

TikTok has quickly become a cultural force in the United States, and the inability of our own government to agree on how to deal with it is indicative of the company’s success. 

A gap in Biden’s new legislation may prevent any meaningful action against TikTok until it is too late. Expressly, the law does not outright prohibit the use of the TikTok app, but it does authorize the Commerce Department to investigate and potentially refuse any technology that “poses an unreasonable or unacceptable danger to national security.” Even TikTok has given its blessing to this new law because of the vagueness of its phrasing. 

An insider in Washington, DC, claims, “The White House isn’t fooling anybody.”