New Polls Show Biden Losing Ground Monthly

As President Biden continues to lose momentum monthly, Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg has strongly suggested he alter his campaign rhetoric. According to Greenberg, voters are more concerned about rising prices and general living conditions than some of the issues Biden is worried about.

He said voters should hear from the Biden campaign about their plans to combat increasing prices, rein in big businesses, and end politicians’ profiting.

On Monday, a survey conducted by Monmouth University found that only 34% of the population approves of Joe Biden’s performance as president, marking a new low for his popularity rating. According to Greenberg, for Biden to win back popularity, he must speak to Americans struggling with inflation. He believes the Biden campaign may address the issue of inflation by pledging to provide an income tax credit to reduce healthcare expenses and medication prices.

Last month, a study conducted by CNBC and SurveyMonkey revealed that small company owners nationwide are not buying into Biden’s claims about Bidenomics’ efficacy. Of those who voted against Biden, 68% were unsatisfied, and 56% were dissatisfied.

There was a record-breaking turnout of young voters in 2020, and they went all out for Joe Biden. If that crucial group of voters doesn’t return in 2024, it will be a significant stumbling block for Biden’s reelection campaign. A recent poll by the Institute of Politics at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government confirms that the campaign has good reason to be worried. According to the Harvard survey, Among eligible voters under 30, President Biden has a slim 15-point edge over Trump. However, this is a marked decrease from Biden’s 24-point lead in 2020. Also, compared to this time last year, young voters are far less excited about casting a ballot in the 2024 presidential election; only 49% of those in the 18–29 age bracket say they would “certainly” do so.

The Biden gambit was the youth were concerned with being woke. It turns out they are concerned about being broke.