New Update Exposes iPhone Users to Risk of Bluetooth Stalking

If you possess an iPhone, you should update it right away to protect yourself from Bluetooth surveillance.

According to Apple, iOS 17.5 introduces a slew of new features and is an essential tool for consumer security.

Experts have been warning that individuals are using Apple’s Bluetooth-tracking AirTags to follow victims home.  The little disks, about the size of a palm, may be slipped into a purse or fastened to a dog’s collar for easy tracking.

To alert users that they could have unknowingly carried a location tracker in their pockets, Apple released an update in 2022 that enabled iPhones to identify adjacent AirTags.  This capability has been enhanced in the most recent software version from Apple, iOS 17.5.

Customers will now get a notification if an AirTag is following them, in addition to knowing whether it is nearby.

If an unknown Bluetooth surveillance device is tagged with an iPhone, customers will get a message on their phone. This alert will be shown independent of the platform the item is associated with. All Bluetooth trackers are subject to this.

Google quickly followed suit with a similar upgrade to shield Android users from the dangers posed by Bluetooth trackers such as AirTags.

To stop criminals from draining your bank account, Google has introduced a slew of new crime-fighting capabilities.

The tech behemoth will add an ingenious function called theft detection lock to Android phones later this year.

Google VP of Product, Trust, and Growth Suzanne Frey noted that having a gadget stolen is a stressful and unexpected event that may make it hard to respond quickly. Because of this, built-in capabilities will detect suspicious signals and safeguard your data before they happen.

The new AI-powered automated trick can detect the fast movement that occurs when a person’s phone is stolen and then reacts accordingly so that your data won’t be readily accessible as your screen will be locked down.