New Weather Chaser Video Discredits Ron DeSantis Supporters

Members of Ron DeSantis’ operatives recently claimed that former President Donald Trump called off an event because of the small crowd size. In truth, tornadoes struck the Des Moines, Iowa area, according to reports from the National Weather Service and footage captured by storm chasers.

According to a report, the National Weather Service (NWS) had broadcasted many tornado warnings for the region covered by KCCI 8 Des Moines, Iowa.

Corey Gerken, a storm chaser, recorded the Saturday twister in Knoxville, Iowa, and uploaded the footage online. In his report on Saturday’s storm, Gerken called it a “fantastic structure.” 

To support their claim that Trump canceled the event because of the size of the crowd, Team DeSantis released a picture taken by political operative Chris Nelson eight hours before the rally was slated to begin. Social media gadfly Bill Mitchell urged Nelson to keep spreading the story.

The report shows Chris Nelson has made several false statements, including the one about the Trump rally. In a recent article, National File revealed that Chris Nelson erroneously stated that Ron DeSantis had not signed a bill authorizing mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for Floridians.

According to reporting from the Miami Independent, a massive and well-organized criminal network in Florida seems to guarantee that the state election machinery can choose the winners it wants.

It would seem that Florida isn’t free and that the electoral fraud cabal would benefit from a healthy dose of public scrutiny. [Some recent alleged examples of election fraud in Florida are provided at the link.]

The report reveals that officials in Florida have been frequently informed of the information, but they have done nothing to address it.

The Miami Independent asks if the Republican Governor Ron DeSantis fails to solve this issue in Florida, how could anyone believe him to do the appropriate thing elsewhere? How could Ron DeSantis be a presidential candidate when he allows this kind of thing to happen in Florida?