New York City Mayor Reports “Warning Sign” With Chicago Mayor’s Defeat 

( Eric Adams, mayor of NYC, said on Sunday that the election defeat of the Democrat Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot should be a “warning sign” for all the nation even though critics have accused him of contributing to the GOP narrative regarding crime by being sensitive to public safety concerns in New York City. 

Adams said the foundation of every prosperous society is a safe and secure populace.  

He said the government’s first priority is keeping the public safe since most people want that. Crime makes the populace feel unsafe, and “you’ll eventually lose authority over the city.” 

Lightfoot made history by becoming Chicago’s first one-term mayor in 40 years. 

When asked whether what happened to Lightfoot should serve as a caution for him, Adams said that he feels it is a warning sign for the nation. 

He said all around the nation, people were saying the same things that were being said in New York.  

Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY) criticized Mayor Adams, claiming that the mayor was aiding the GOP narrative on crime, which would disadvantage Democrats in the 2024 election. 

Adams says he listens to New Yorkers. He said that the city’s residents felt unsafe due to the city’s crime rate.  

Adams has supported the controversial policy of involuntarily committing homeless people with mental illness who cannot care for themselves. Some 4,000 homeless persons were treated, and the mayor estimates that another 1,000 still live in the subways. 

Adams has claimed that his administration is working with the governor to establish 8,000 additional units of permanent housing with wraparound services, and his attention is now moving to young people with mental health and drug use difficulties. He put the price tag on the mental health program, including telemedicine and fentanyl testing strips, at about $20 million.