News Host Says Trump’s Indictment “Only Makes Us Stronger”

On Thursday night, Grant Stinchfield, host of Real America’s Voice, turned to Twitter to vent his frustrations with the indictment of former President Donald Trump for improperly handling secret documents.

On Thursday afternoon, Trump was indicted in connection with a federal probe that claimed Trump was in possession of and refused to hand over top secret documents that, if compromised, could endanger the country’s national security.

Stinchfield tweeted a video of himself expressing “outrage” and criticizing President Joe Biden’s administration shortly after the news surfaced.

The host wrote that it was a sad day in America; because the criminal Biden administration indicted President Trump over the “boxes hoax” story.

Stinchfield declared that President Trump has a right to declassify any documents at any time he chooses.

He also said that if needed, Trump could win the presidency from behind bars, saying nothing in the Constitution says a prisoner is disqualified from being the president.

Stinchfield wrote that the political persecution of Trump is out of control and made assurances that the people would have Trump’s back, so he should stand strong.

Stinchfield said these indictments only make MAGA stronger.

As the host of “Stinchfield” on NRA TV, Stinchfield stayed with the organization for over four years. He hosted “The Stinchfield Report” on Dallas’s KLIF-AM for over six years. Stinchfield’s previous reporting gigs were at KXAS-TV in Dallas and WVIT-TV in West Hartford, Connecticut. 

Four Emmys were awarded to him for his work as an investigative reporter. 

Stinchfield also worked for Newsmax. After airing an episode in which he referred to Israel as the “home country” of Jewish Americans, Newsmax suspended him for the remainder of the week.

Stinchfield made the remarks while condemning President Joe Biden for not standing with Israel as fighting escalated between its troops and Hamas terrorists.