NFL Goes FULL Anti-2A – Players TARGETED

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson was hit with three separate fines during last week’s Monday night game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, CBS Sports reported.

In total, Watson was fined $35,513 for actions during the game the Browns lost to the Steelers 26 to 22.

Watson received two separate $10,927 fines from the NFL after he was flagged twice for grabbing an opponent’s facemask.

Additionally, Watson along with Browns tight end David Njoku each received a $13,659 fine after they celebrated a third-quarter touchdown with a gun-themed “violent gesture.”

But the fines levied against Watson and Njoku were just some of the fines handed out during last Monday’s game.

Steelers running back Jaylen Warren got slapped with a $48,333 fine for illegally using his helmet. Warren’s fine was so steep that it erased every penny of what he was paid for last Monday’s game.

Warren, who is in the second season of his rookie deal with the Steelers, is getting $870,000 this season, which amounts to $48,333 per game.

In total, ten fines to eight players were handed out by the NFL for last week’s Browns-Steelers game for a total cost of $208,782.

At the post-game press conference, Watson took responsibility for his penalties, saying they were his fault. However, of the facemask penalties, Watson said he is “stiff-arming just like everyone else.” He said if someone grabs his arm and keeps pushing when he is running, the only way to shake loose is to “swing across.” He said once that happens, his hand gets stuck in a helmet or facemask.

During last Monday’s losing game against the Steelers, Watson completed 22 pass attempts out of 40 for 235 yards and one touchdown pass. He was also intercepted once and took six sacks, Sports Illustrated reported.