No Labels ‘Unity Ticket’ On The Rise

In the United States, over the last three years and even prior the political climate within the country has deteriorated, becoming increasingly tense, polarized, and divided. Following the 2016 presidential election in which Donald Trump achieved an upset victory over Hillary Clinton, federal politics in the nation have been greatly altered. In truth though, for decades progressive activists and conservative reactionaries in the political sphere of action in America have been grappling in a slowly boiling cultural conflict. For years, leftist activists have slowly “moved the needle” of the political, economic, social and cultural “status quo” in America. Activists have infiltrated public schools across the country and since the turn of the century have covertly and radically transformed the nature of public school education. Subjects like national history and civics have been completely revised, and many young Americans now lack basic knowledge surrounding the workings of national government and the exceptionalism of the country’s history.

Economically, since the COVID-19 pandemic the struggles of the American middle class have only been exacerbated. The 46th president of the union Joe Biden touted lavish spending packages early in his presidency, and quickly signed pieces of legislation into law that had been championed by Democrats and establishment Republicans that resulted in trillions of dollars in new federal spending under the guise of COVID-19 relief. Rampant inflation gripped the nation soon after and remains a huge factor in the present day as the cost of basic necessities have skyrocketed.

It is no secret that Americans are looking for change. The 2024 presidential election is drawing ever closer and now remains only 11 months away. At the present, it appears that a rematch of the closely contested 2020 election is likely, with the incumbent President Joe Biden and Donald Trump the two leading candidates. A third party alternative, the “No Labels” group plans to run a Democratic/Republican combined ticket; chosen candidates have not been announced.