NYT Claims Trump Presidency Would Cause Economic Turmoil

Since president Joe Biden began his term of service as president of the United States in 2021, Democrats have enjoyed significant victories at the federal and state levels of politics despite unfavorable electoral climates. Indeed, while Biden continues to possess low approval ratings and the progressive far-left Democratic agenda has undoubtedly severely damaged the cultural and economic stability and prosperity of the United States, a majority of voters continue to support the party and oppose Republicans. In the 2022 midterms, Democrats had been projected to lose a serious number of seats in the federal House of Representatives and possibly in the Senate. Despite this, the party did exceptionally well, gaining a seat in the Senate and only losing control of the house by a very small margin- showing the enduring unpopularity of Republicans.

In 2023, Democrats did exceptionally well in state-level elections. This occurred during a time in which two major conflicts rage on in Europe and the Middle East (threatening world peace and risking a third world war), the American economy continues to stagnate, millions of illegal migrants have entered the United States in just two and a half years through the southern border and home ownership is now unaffordable for median income Americans in 99% of the country . In Virginia and New Jersey (where Democrats lost ground in the 2021 elections) the party crushed Republicans, showing that despite the poor electoral climate, the progressive agenda and messaging of the organization remains what a majority of voters want.

In a recent report, the far-left progressive media outlet known as the New York Times claimed that should Donald Trump win in 2024 and return to the White House, economic “turmoil” would ensue. This claim is particularly laughable given the catastrophic damage president Biden has caused to the American economy over the last two years. Inflation has crushed the middle class, and 60% of citizens are living paycheck to paycheck.