One Year Old Child Found Dead in Playground, Father Arrested

The state of humanity across the world continues to be often called into a questionable light by many media organizations everywhere as they promote truly harrowing and sickening stories. It appears that for centuries, philosophers have sought to understand the true inherent nature of man, and vigorously debated the subject. John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, two Englishmen central to the Enlightenment era of the 17th and 18th centuries, argued passionately about the true dispositions of the soul of man. Hobbes was a pessimist, calling most men disorderly and selfish, and spoke in favor of organized authority. Locke, on the other hand, believed that man was inherently good, and should be allowed to pursue talents and innovation while enjoyed freedom and property rights. Locke believed that God almighty created man, and thus man should always at the core, strive to do good. In the present day, it appears that the contemporary state of mankind may be backing up Hobbes assertions that humans are by nature fickle, selfish creatures. One man in California was recently arrested, Schaffer Grindstaff, aged 29 years old, was arrested for accessory to conceal a crime after his one year old boy was found dead on a playground. Neighbors allege that the boy was witnessed with his father inside a car when he stopped breathing. 

People continue to prove they are capable of sickening actions. One 3 month old baby was found in the middle of the day in the back of a hot car. The baby was left in a car with the windows down in heat and suffered cardiac arrest and died. No reports of arrest have been made yet. The car was parked outside a daycare in Morgantown. West Virginia. 

In another sickening development, one mother went on a 10-day vacation while abandoning her 16 month old daughter in a playpen. The baby then inevitably starved to death and horrifyingly perished in its own excrement.