Pakistan Faces Collapse Because Of Its Nuclear Weapons

According to 19FortyFive,  rioters stormed military bases throughout Pakistan in response to the Pakistan Rangers’ detention of former PM Imran Khan at his house in Islamabad. Concerns have been raised that a nation with an increasing nuclear stockpile of over 150 warheads may plunge into civil war due to the turmoil.

The imprisonment of Khan coincides with one of the most dire economic times in Pakistan’s history. 

Khan was removed from the government last year after a vote of no confidence in parliament, and his fans rioted throughout the country. Khan’s downfall may be attributed to his frequent use of anti-American and anti-EU sentiments. That was a deal breaker for the army presently fighting Khan’s loyalists. 

According to foreign reports, the dramatic arrest of  Khan last week on corruption accusations has been found unconstitutional by Pakistan’s highest court.

The judge has issued an immediate release order for Mr. Khan. His legal team said removing him from the Islamabad courthouse on Tuesday was wrong.

Violent demonstrations have swept the nation ever since he was detained, resulting in the deaths of Ten people and the arrests of over 2,000 more.

Growing tensions involving him and the armed forces culminated in his detention on Tuesday.

In April of last year, after losing a vote of no confidence, Pakistan’s chief judge ordered the arrest of the opposition leader.

The mansion of Pakistan’s notorious ISI chief, Gen. Faisal Naseer, was reportedly burned down, as shown by social media images. The ISI has provided the Taliban, along with other violent Islamist groups, with their primary source of assistance.


Former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan claims that the same ISI commander who attempted to assassinate him twice, Major-General Faisal Naseer, was also responsible for the savage murder of prominent journalist Arshad Sharif.

According to reports, Khan made these comments while delivering a speech in Lahore behind the safety of his armored car. Rallies in other places were able to watch the event unfold live online.

Arshad Sharif, a critic of the military, was assassinated in Kenya in October after he left the country because of threats he received from the government.

Pakistanis were outraged by the killing of the Kenyan journalist who had been investigating police brutality.