Participant In Migrant Mob Finally Arrested

Related to the contentious migrant mob assault of the two police officers, on March 12th, a Manhattan court sentenced the Venezuelan 20-year-old on a $25,000 bond for kicking a police officer in Times Square. The woman was shown smiling in the picture that the NYPD posted.

A now-expressionless Edgarlis Vegas, who was first taken into custody in Brooklyn on an arrest warrant for the crime of battery on a law enforcement officer from the altercation on January 27, was brought before a judge in a Manhattan courthouse.

Reports show that Vegas, an illegal alien who has been living in New York City for nearly three months, was caught on camera kicking a police officer, according to Deputy Prosecutor Zachary Kotin.

Vegas acknowledged being there at the site of the attack, although she first denied any involvement, saying she was only observing. Nevertheless, the prosecutor said that upon seeing the CCTV video, her account underwent two revisions.

Vegas’s next court date was March 20th, and Judge Pamela Goldsmith ordered her detained on a $25,000 cash bond or a $75,000 bond until then.

The police brutality that rocked the city and prompted demands for the culprits’ deportation has led to the detention of 13 individuals, including Vegas, who is without record of prior offenses.

During a presser last month, Governor Kathy Hochul shouted, calling for the group who assaulted the officers to be deported immediately.

The two remaining suspects, who were last seen in contrasting colors, a black puffer jacket and a bright red hoodie, are still being sought by the police a month after the attack.

In January, when policemen attempted to apprehend a migrant who refused to leave while loitering in an area of West 42nd Street, the confrontation escalated into violence.  A group of individuals attacked the officer and the lieutenant present in the video, which went viral.