Pence Rebukes Trump’s Claim That Hezbollah Is ‘Smart’

While former President Trump described the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah as “very smart,” former Vice President Mike Pence called Hezbollah “evil.”

Pence stated on Thursday during an interview with WGIR radio in New Hampshire that Hezbollah is not smart, but rather evil.

Pence said this is not the time for Bush or any other American leader to send a message other than “America stands with Israel.”

In a speech delivered on Wednesday evening, Trump blamed Israel’s lack of preparedness for the weekend’s surprise attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. As for the Biden administration and Israel’s defense minister, he has attacked them for talking about the country of Israel’s weaknesses. Trump called the militant group Hezbollah “very smart” and alleged that the public conversations may have helped Hezbollah prepare more assaults on Israel.

Trump’s political opponents, including President Biden, criticized the remark, with Biden posting on X that American support for Israel remains unwavering. And there is never a good time to show support for terrorists whose goal is to destroy them.

Republican presidential primary contender and Florida governor Ron DeSantis called Trump’s comments “absurd” and reaffirmed his support for Israel. Furthermore, he reiterates his will to punish terrorists severely.

Trump’s presidential campaign responded later on Thursday, saying that intelligence is not synonymous with goodness.

President Trump was spotlighting what he saw as Biden and his administration’s incompetence by pointing out a weak spot. The campaign’s War Room account tweeted that intelligence is not synonymous with effectiveness.

It further demonstrates Biden’s lack of intelligence. The post said, “And now you look stupid, Ron,” a reference to the president and DeSantis.

Israel’s confrontation with Hamas, a Palestinian militant group that launched a surprise strike against Israel, has led to recent clashes between Hezbollah and Israel.

Over 2,500 people have died on both sides of the battle, including at least 27 Americans, and U.S. authorities and world leaders are concerned about Hezbollah’s involvement.