Pentagon Official Won’t Face Punishment After Racial Push 

( According to a senior Pentagon official, the U.S. Department of Defense has no plans to reprimand an employee who was the Pentagon’s chief diversity, justice, and inclusion officer for anti-white tweets. Republican lawmakers have roundly denounced the tweets. 

Kelisa Wing, who was found to have a history of tweeting critically of white people, has been reassigned to a different role, says Gilbert Cisneros Jr., undersecretary of defense for personnel and preparations in the Biden administration. 

Cisneros wrote to Speaker Ellis Stefanik (R-NY) in a letter to the House Republican Conference on Tuesday. But Wing faced no discipline, despite a Pentagon finding that the employee “spoke in a personal capacity.” 

“I agree this is unacceptable,” Cisneros said. “It is not something I condone, nor is it condoned by [the Department of Defense Educational Work] or the Department of Defense.” 

Wing, an ex-elementary school teacher in Georgia and NY, was hired by the Pentagon in December 2021. By December 2022, Fox News was already reporting about several previous anti-white tweets she had posted. Wing abruptly set her Twitter account to private. 

She said she was “exhausted” with these white folks in one tweet. (She spelled “folks” as “folx,” displaying her “woke creds.”) 

The tweet also characterized one of the white women she was “exhausted” with as a “Karen.” She once claimed that “racism is ingrained in our country,” and she called anyone who refuted that claim “Karen.”  

She also modified the word “audacity.” She wrote “caudacity,” an amalgam of audacity and caucasian. 

Republicans turned their attention to Wing at Thursday’s hearing and pressured Cisneros about the tweets. Stefanik forced Cisneros to read some of the posts aloud and accused him of dragging his feet too long about taking action.  

Stefanik read into the record that she is concerned that Wing’s rhetoric is not consistent with the values ​​and standards of the Department of Defense.  

Maybe the problem is that it is consistent with their values.