Player Wins Almost $350K At Slots Starting With $2.50

A man recently won approximately $348,000 playing slots at an airport in Las Vegas on a $2.50 stake.

A screenshot of the winning spin at Harry Reid International Airport’s Wheel of Fortune Double Gold Gold Spin Slots was posted by IGT Jackpots. A massive $347,993.85 prize is shown in the photo.

The lucky guy has not been identified.

According to airport authorities, a fortunate tourist earned almost $1.3 million in June while gambling at the same Harry Reid International Airport in Nevada.

The massive payout was from a slot machine at Terminal 1 Esplanade with a “Wheel of Fortune” theme. Officials remained tight-lipped about the new millionaire’s identity, but they did hint that the lucky winner was returning home after a vacation to Sin City when they won the jackpot.

A number of people have become millionaires at various locations in Las Vegas in the last few weeks, not simply the airport winner. Over the course of two days in June, one fortunate patron won $1 million after hitting three jackpots. A mystery winner took home $2.5 million from a single hand of poker at The Venetian in May.

Angelica, a lady on holiday from Mexico, scooped a massive jackpot while playing three-card poker and took home $239,054. Another recent big winner was Mary, a native of Las Vegas who won six figures with a straight flush in Pai Gow Poker. A local of Las Vegas transformed a $1 stake into $16,000.

The largest slot machine payouts include a 49-year-old Chicago business consultant who spent some time in Sin City in 1999 while attending a friend’s wedding. The Megabucks slot machines were his choice. Amazingly, he won $34.9 million.

The biggest slot machine jackpot ever paid out was at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. A young software programmer who wished to stay nameless won in 2003.

He hit for $39.7 million.