Police Increase Security At Synagogues After Israel Attacks

Due to Israel’s confrontation with Hamas, which began with a shocking attack by the militant group amid Jewish holidays over the weekend, police in key cities across the United States are implementing additional steps to secure Jewish citizens.

On Saturday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said that he and other top officials from the NYPD are working to uncover potential threats.

Even though no credible threat to the Metropolitan area has been uncovered, Adams informed that the city’s administration is in contact with Jewish leaders across the five boroughs and has ordered the New York Police Department to deploy additional resources to Jewish communities and houses of worship citywide.

Attorney General Matthew Platkin announced that out of an excess of caution, law officials in neighboring New Jersey would increase patrols in sensitive locations, particularly around places of worship for the Jewish and Islamic faiths.

Local law enforcement in Los Angeles is beefing up patrols in and around synagogues and Muslim communities.

The LAPD is aware of the violence and casualties in the Middle East. Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore has pledged to increase patrols in neighborhoods home to Jewish and Muslim communities.

The Miami area’s police department has announced plans to increase the number of cops stationed at synagogues and mosques in the area.

According to a statement released by the Miami Beach Police Department, heightened police presence has been implemented near synagogues and other critical places in the city in light of recent events in Israel. The department says it is a preventative step to benefit everyone’s security. The goal is to protect the public’s health and safety.

Also, Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston, Texas, has stated that extra precautions are being taken to secure the city’s synagogues and other places of worship.

Communities in the Metro Detroit area are taking precautions around synagogues and temples.