Police Rescue Woman Who Was Chained To The Floor

A Kentucky woman was bound to the floor for two days before being rescued in a dramatic body camera footage just published.

After hearing cries for assistance from a dilapidated house last week, Louisville Metro Police officers broke in via a second-story window.

The LMPD said that police attempted to gain entry by breaking down windows and doors but were unable to due to the heavily fortified nature of the residence.

The imprisoned woman smashed the window of her captor’s second-floor chamber. In the footage, one of the police officers climbs a ladder inside the rundown house where she is held captive.

After making his way through the shattered window and into the soiled bedroom, the police officer removed the grimy chain from the woman’s neck. The lady can be heard on camera as she tells the police officer that her abductor had hidden the key to the door on his keychain.

Authorities said that the woman was found with a chain around her neck that was anchored to the flooring with screws and locked with a MasterLock around her neck.

As police officers broke the chain and freed her from the house, first responders rushed to treat her.

According to the arrest report, the woman got into a heated argument with May that quickly became violent. She claimed that May seized her and forced her to the floor of the restroom before using a machete to chop off much of her hair. May had also struck the woman before she ran off.

The next day, she returned to the house to get her possessions, but May had secured the entrance with a padlock to which only he had the key.

May left the house with her still bound to the floor and her phone in his possession.

The woman and May, according to the police, had a child together.

Charges of abduction, intimidating a judicial process participant, assault, terroristic threats, wanton endangerment, and harassment were all filed against 36-year-old Moises May. His plea was “not guilty.”