Poll Reveals Meghan Markle’s Rising Popularity Ahead of Brand Launch

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has seen a recent surge in popularity among the U.S. voters of Newsweek, as she is set to embark on the launch of her new lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard. The brand will open a market for Markle to sell an array of home and lifestyle products worldwide. Due to the publicity, Markle’s popularity rating has soared in just over a few months, bringing her to the same rating as her Royal Family in-law King Charles III.

The Newsweek polls suggested that Meghan Markle was favored by 36% of U.S. adults while being disliked by 24%. These factors have given Markle a net approval rating of plus 12 points, which equals her to the same polls conducted for her royal father-in-law, King Charles III. The increase in ratings is a strong uplift from rating comparisons that took place in February of this year, where Markle found herself in favor of 31% of voters and unfavored by 30% of voters.

Although the Duchess of Sussex is an American citizen herself, she still falls leagues behind Prince William, his wife Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, and her beloved husband Prince Harry, in U.S. popularity polls. Princess Kate remains the most popular with a 45% approval rating with her husband Prince Harry not far behind with a 40% approval rating. Markle’s husband Prince Harry finds himself at 42%.

However, this time around sees polling results favoring Markle while she is on the come-up of one of her biggest career advancements as she enters her new chapter of becoming an American lifestyle advertiser and distributor. Markle’s new brand is not the only commercial success she has seen recently, as she and her Royal husband’s Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan was extremely commercially successful, despite receiving small amounts of severe criticism from critics. The new lifestyle brand will represent a new direction Markle is taking aside from the media.