Poll Shows Democrats Disapprove Of Biden’s Hamas Response

President Biden’s unwavering support for Israel in its escalating war with the Palestinians has prompted a left-leaning coalition of young voters and people of color to express more discontent toward him than at any point since he was elected president.

A raging ideological schism over the battle is rattling liberal America.

Moderate Democrats and critics have applauded Biden’s support for Israel on the right, but he now faces opposition from an energized faction of his party that sees the Palestinian cause as an extension of the radical left movements (like Antifa and BLM) that are dominating Democrats.

Liberal Democrats are demanding that Biden break with decades-long American policy and call for a cease-fire, even as Israel cranks up its military operations in Gaza.

Half of Democrats surveyed by the AP approved of President Biden’s handling of the Hamas/Israeli war, while almost half (46%) did not. Sixty-five percent of Democrats who disapprove of Biden’s answer believe the United States is “too supportive” of Israel, while 58 percent believe the Palestinians do not receive enough assistance.

One Democratic respondent, Brie Williamson, told reporters that she was finding it “harder to be supportive of our president and nation in general” because of the possibility that their taxes were going toward weapons used to kill thousands of children elsewhere.

Younger Democrats were more inclined to disapprove of how Biden has responded to the conflict, while 67% of Democrats over 45 years old were supportive of Biden’s reaction.

Recent research shows Biden behind former President Donald Trump in four crucial states. According to Axios, Biden’s support among black voters has decreased by 33 percentage points.

According to the AP survey, over 70% of Democrats believe that America is heading in the wrong direction with Biden as president.

The Associated Press polled 1,239 American adults between November 2 and November 9. The margin of error due to sampling is around 3.9%.