Pop Icon Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer

Dario G, an icon of ’90s pop music, just confirmed he has stage four rectal cancer.

On Friday, the artist, whose actual name is Paul Spencer, broke the news to his followers on Twitter, but he assured them he was “staying positive” while he met with physicians to explore his options.

Signs of rectal cancer, which occurs when malignant cells grow in the tissues of the rectum, include blood in feces, changes in bowel habits, weight loss without an apparent cause, and an altered appetite.

Stage four cancer, often known as secondary cancer, is diagnosed when the disease has migrated to a new organ.

Rectal cancer has a good prognosis if detected at an early stage. 

Dario captioned a photo of a recent show with the words, “Hard to write this.” He said his rectal cancer had progressed into stage 4 and was told he had a shadow on his liver. 

He acknowledged that for his fans, it must be a difficult thing to read, but he’s going to give it everything he has. He told them to keep their chin up because he was. He informed the readers that his next doctor’s appointment was this Friday.

His final words were the hashtag “#f**kcancer” and a four-leaf clover Emoji.

After revealing the news, Paul received an outpouring of love and support; one person wrote simply, “Sending all my love.” ‘Stay Strong,’ said another.

Formerly known as Dario G, Paul and his former bandmates achieved mainstream success with their house single “Sunchyme,” which peaked at #2.

The legendary music video for this song featured dancers dressed and made up like they were on safari.

Paul has continued using the group’s name even though the three members have split up. 

Paul recently performed at the Biggest 90s Disco among such musical greats as Vengaboys, 2 Unlimited, Haddaway, and Phats & Small.

Dario G’s single Carnaval de Paris peaked at #5 in 1997; it was eventually chosen as the official anthem for the 1998 FIFA World Cup, which France hosted.